Monday, September 19, 2016

counting my blessings//July & August

I know, I know. I am running so behind here! I still wanted to share a little list of things I'm thankful for from the last two here goes!

-going to rodeos with family and friends
-a new phone

-mixed berry smoothies
-monopoly + ice cream with friends

-weeding the garden with these little ones
-garden fresh tomatoes

-low country boil
-Joshua becoming born again, praise the Lord!

-building an exercise pen for my rabbits
-starting college

-hiking with these adorables
-friends coming over on a Sunday afternoon

-studying God's word
-celebrating Levi and Joshua's birthdays

-visiting my uncle, aunt, and cousins in Minnesota
-knee boarding and tubing on the lake

-these delicious coffee drinks
-BLT sandwiches

-TWO letters from TWO friends in ONE day
-Joshua 1:9

-an evening at Roaring River with Levi
-seeing friends I hadn't seen in awhile at a friends' beautiful wedding

-fun with the little ones on the tire swing at lower Flat Creek
-bike rides with Paige and Joshua


  1. How do you get such great pictures?!

    1. Haha, most of them were from my phone! Thanks!

  2. Love these, Ash! And seeing a photo with a letter from me made me smile. <3

    1. :) Aw, good! Seeing a letter from you in the mailbox *always* makes me smile!

  3. Loved the pics!! I miss you guys!!!!

  4. The rabbit picture was so cute!! (as were the rest) My brother (Austin) also raises rabbits.What kind do you have and what do you raise them for? -Riley :)

    1. Hey Riley! I currently have Mini Lops and my sister has a Jersey Wooly for a pet. Actually my Mini Lops are just pets right now as well. I have let them all retire from having litters... I used to show and raise them. I'm missing that now.
      I am thinking about getting into meat rabbits though as they would sell better down here in MO anyway. That's neat that your brother raises rabbits too! They are all so fun. I love my bunnies. :)