Wednesday, September 21, 2016

little egg hunter

Well, we made a mistake. We got fifteen laying hens before we had a place for them to lay eggs. Instead we have let them run loose. So now we have around eight nests that can be found in, under, and behind various obstacles in our large backyard. I feed my rabbits while a chicken is eyeing me from behind the barrel containing my rabbit feed. I carry a bucket of water past an old tire rim as another one is clucking inside. One begins to fluff up her feathers under the shelf where I feed the cats in the shed.

Those nests are remaining empty though. My little brother, Rylan, has made finding eggs his main goal in life right now. Whether it be at the crack of dawn while he is still rubbing sleep out of his eyes or mid-way through dinner when someone realizes his chair just became empty. At four years old he thinks this "easter egg hunt" (no we do not actually do those) everyday is so fun. His excitement stays the same with each new egg he locates. He runs outside every half hour or so and can be seen zooming to and fro checking all of the nests. If he finds one we soon hear the screen door slam and little feet running across the kitchen floor. He tries to hide the egg in his hands but they are too little to sufficiently cover it.

"Guess what I found!" He laughs and thinks that we have no idea whatsoever. He opens his hands with a squeal of delight, "an egg!" It is absolutely adorable.


  1. Aww that's so cute!

    OKAY SO I JUST FOUND YOUR BLOG?? (Btw, thank you for your comment!) I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I live out in the country and we're planning on maybe starting a goat farm (God willing) so yeah. We've raised chickens in the past too....I LOVED THEM SO MUCH. I literally used to have a pet chicken. xD But I just wanted to stop by and keep doing the good work!

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  2. That's adorable!! Have you had chickens before these ones?-Riley

    1. Yes... this time has been the best so far though honestly! My brother made a nice place for them in the shed with nest boxes. We still have some laying outside in different places though. So now we just have to get them laying in their nest boxes. :)