Friday, March 10, 2017

counting my blessings // February

fourteen healthy and adorable Golden Retriever puppies
80 degree weather
flowers from David

my little cactus plant
Rylan asking me every time I get home how work or school went
visiting with friends at Cici's pizza and then a coffee shop

buds on our flowering quince and little leaves on our weeping willow
going on horse and bike rides

pressing flowers
the above gifts from David :)
the song, "You Love Me Anyway" by Sidewalk Prophets

sweet smiles and giggles from Micah
seeing a friend I met almost a year ago at the Tanyard Creek waterfall
going to a friend's wedding and seeing lots of friends we haven't seen in awhile <3

lab days at college when we get to look at stuff under microscopes
celebrating Rylan, Lilliana, Dad, and Paige's birthdays
taking Paige hiking to get her out of the house for her surprise birthday times!


  1. So love this!!! It has definitely been an awesome month!!

  2. LOVE this. The flowers are beautiful, love your cactus, your photo with David is adorable, love your selfie with Micah, & so fun surprising Paige for her birthday! Miss you!! <3