Wednesday, July 20, 2016

walk with Lily

Lilliana woke up from her nap a bit out of sorts and was feeling crabby so I knew that a walk outside would get her in better spirits and just as I thought, she answered, "mhmm!" when I asked if she would like to go outside with me. So I found her a jacket, unmatching socks, and her little boots, and we headed out the door. Since Dylan and I went to Wyoming she has started talking a ton more. She also got attached to Paige whilst I was away and often will say, "I want my Paigey!", so you can imagine my delight when she told Paige today, "I want my Ashie!". *smile*
Back to our walk: so first we walked down the driveway and on the way back up I asked if she would like to see her "Bobby", (what she calls our miniature horse, Bob). She did her little hop + skip + nod of her head act that only she does and said, "mhmm!" So off we went to find Bobby. We crossed the yard, opened the gate, and entered the pasture. They weren't in the first two sections, therefore we had a decent distance to go to find the horses. As we entered the third biggest section of pasture because of the slight slope of ground and distance away the horses were, Lilliana couldn't see them even though I could. I said "we found them!" and in went her little hands into her jacket pockets and on went her little running legs as fast as she could down the trail. Her little messy bun bobbing as she ran away.
"Right dare! I see 'em!" she said so excitedly when they entered her view with her signature hop + skip + nod. "Dare's Bobby!"
We pet each of the horses, although Bobby got the most attention of course. He loves this little girl's affection for him. He gets a little concerned at first about her excitement as you know by now how she shows it, with her blend of hopping + skipping, but when she starts giving him hugs and kisses he stands there for her and soaks it all in.
The walk outdoors and seeing her Bobby did cheer her up as you can tell. And as we walked back to the house my heart melted just a bit when she skipped up beside me, reached up her little dimpled hand, and said, "hold my hand pwease!" *smile*

(I wrote this shortly after our trip to Wyoming so it is 5 months old now, but I thought you might still enjoy reading it) <3

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  1. Loved this post! We have the cutest sister ever!